Design Process

How does the process work?

1 Analysis Process
The first meeting in which we ask you to talk about you, your story, about your meaning and your purpose, with the help of a series of strategic questions and process. In order to understand you and your company. The goal is to define what type of perception and message you care to communicate.

2 Research and Moodboard
It is about studying all the information gathered, to develop a visual presentation with selected images, in order to show the path to follow toward the message and perception communicated by your new product. The goal of the moodboard is to avoid misunderstanding. Information is the key to the quality of the design.

3 Sketches of the ideas
It is the hardest part, which is to transform the concepts that have been collected into design ideas. This is a delicate process that consists of doing different researches to identify the sign, the tone and the story to be afterward digitally developed.

4 Digital Development
Consists about selecting the most interesting ideas, conceived during the sketching process. Model them digitally, in order to proceed toward a more carefully, detailed and refined work.

5 Mockups and Models
Those are useful instruments to check the proportions and have a tangible feel of the structure of the product, in order to check if it works in real life and if it will need further refinements.

6 Presentation and Revision
Is about a clear and transparent presentation where we show you the final solutions and explain to you the whole work process that led to those solutions. If we end up not been on target, we talk about it together with the company and together establish what are the negative points and the positive points, in order to redefine the research and deliver the best product for you. We will never impose a solution to a client, communication is the most important factor.

7 Prototype
The preparation of a prototype is essential to see the completed product and the goal is to correct all possible flaws before the official launch.

Thank you for reading.