Barcelò Borges

Juanny Barcelò Borges is a multidisciplinary designer located in Ravenna Italy who provides industrial design services to open minded companies, in a dynamic environment with a graphic sculptural aesthetic. Helping you to build a meaningful future and value your unique vision. From words to product.

What makes us work with passion and enthusiasm every day is the awareness that what we put on paper is going to affect people, directly and indirectly. Who? People inside the company that have spouses and kids, those kids are making their way toward future in order to bring a contribution and all is made possible by the success of the company and its products. Then there are customers that invest money they earn in order to be able to express who they are and what they stand for, also through objects!

Our goal as designers is to help the company to provide customers with meaningful products to fulfil their needs. This is what is on our minds during the whole design process.

This is why we care!juanny barcelo borges